'Trump would love to be dictator-in-chief': MSNBC legal analyst slams Trump's threats to states
Donald Trump (AFP:File : MANDEL NGAN)

On MSNBC Saturday, MSNBC legal analyst Maya Wiley slammed President Donald Trump for his threats against states that have imposed coronavirus lockdowns.

"Even simpletons like me who just happen to own a few copies of the Constitution, I carry them around with me, enjoy that [Amendment] 10 of the Constitution, this is probably one of the easiest [amendments] to understand," said anchor Ali Velshi. "It says the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively or to the people. What do you think's going on with Trump? Do you think he just floats this stuff to get us all down a rabbit hole?"

"I think that Trump would love to be the dictator-in-chief," said Wiley. "I think he would love a world in which anything he said goes, and you know, on some level if you've been running your own business and essentially you've functioned your business as the dictator because that's what the law allows you, maybe you don't understand how the Constitution works, and it has to be explained to him over and over again."

"I think the problem here is that we have seen from Donald Trump that he really doesn't care what it says," she continued, "and I say that because we had an impeachment proceeding because the president of the United States wanted to use his power to extort from a foreign government essentially a politically motivated investigation of a rival. That, in addition to, you know, Congress using this pro forma power, this ability to say we're going to stay in session, even when we're not physically in D.C. to prevent Donald Trump from firing Jeff Sessions, that's one of their fears was he was going to fire Jeff Sessions in order to protect himself."

"This is a president who is motivated by his interests, not the interests of the country," Wiley added. "And what Andrew Cuomo gave him was a civics lesson."

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