Trump’s coronavirus ‘blathering’ has given Biden the perfect weapon to use against him: conservative columnist
President Donald J. Trump listens to Vice President Mike Pence addresses his remarks Wednesday, April 22, 2020, in the James S. Brady White House Press Briefing Room of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Writing in the Washington Post this Monday, columnist Jennifer Rubin pointed out that President Trump's polling numbers have dropped as the coronavirus death toll continues to mount -- a polling drop compounded by an attack ad released by the Republicans for the Rule of Law which "perfectly epitomized his presidency."

"When your opponents can run a minute of your own blathering, it pretty much proves you blew it," Rubin writes, referring to the ad. "But this is not simply another gaffe for Trump or even another dumb idea like the wall. This was an extended conversation reflecting the grotesque ignorance and total unfitness of the man who at every turn has failed to protect the country during the worst domestic crisis since the Great Depression. It illustrated how he intellectually corrupts those around him, forcing them to sacrifice their own credibility to defend his inanities."

According to Rubin, Trump's defenders can't rationalize ignoring his faults for the sake of tax cuts or stacking the Supreme Court. Now, Republicans must contend with Trump's utter failure at addressing the coronavirus health crisis.

"Whatever his apologists’ defense, the response to his previous (now virtually imperceptible) accomplishments has been obliterated by 'But Lysol' — that is, his mind-boggling unfitness leading him to ignore real threats and promote dangerous behavior."

Read her full op-ed over at The Washington Post.