WATCH: GOP candidate short circuits after reporter explains how going back to work could kill people

Jason Roberge, a Republican congressional candidate from Virginia, was recently thrown for a loop when a reporter from the U.K.'s Sky News explained to him how sending people back to work in the middle of a pandemic could have deadly consequences.

In a Sky News report about the anti-lockdown protests in Virginia, reporter Amanda Walker confronted Roberge and asked why he was disregarding the advice of medical professionals.

"If asymptomatic people go back to work, they could infect other people who could die," she said.

"Okay, that's an interesting hypothesis," Roberge replied.

"It's a fact," she said.

"Yeah, sure it is," he replied.

"You don't believe that?" she asked. "That's science!"

Roberge then tried to corner Walker with a gotcha response.

"If they're asymptomatic, how do they know if they have it?" he asked her as a smirk grew across his face.

"They don't, that's the point!" she shot back.

At this point, Roberge seemed to grow confused.

"So it's mysterious, it's just this thing that they're saying," he said.

"So what's this, all a big conspiracy theory?" Walker asked him.

"It's your conspiracy theory!" Roberge said.

Watch the video below.