WATCH: Trump defender goes down in flames as he clashes with Piers Morgan over president’s ‘terrible’ COVID-19 antics

One week after President Trump unfollowed him on Twitter in response to a scathing article he wrote, Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan took aim at Trump over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic during a debate with Ben Ferguson, saying that he's not shown any "empathy" or given any "honest, accurate information" to the American people.

"I think during this crisis he's been terrible," Morgan said. 'He's shown a complete inability to pivot to the kind of leadership needed in a crisis -- which is calm, authoritative, giving the people honest, accurate information. Showing empathy for all those whose lives have been lost."

"We've seen none of that, Instead we've just seen 'rally Trump,' the same guy we saw before. Picking fights with the media, picking fights with he Democrats. Coming out with ludicrous, crazy theories about bleach which he claims were a sarcastic joke," Morgan continued. "We've seen the tape, everyone can see he wasn't being sarcastic or jokey. So now he's lying about that. All the worst traits of Donald Trump have now come to the fore and it's really damaging to him, his presidency and the country."