WATCH: Woman caught on video unleashing racist rant against Vietnamese restaurant owner

A woman unleashed a racist rant at a business owner in a Kroger parking lot in Houston, Texas, and the incident was captured on video.

The owner of a Vietnamese restaurant identified as "Sammi" told ABC13 that when she went outside her business to investigate a commotion, she encountered the woman.

In the video, the woman, who is pushing a shopping cart, yells, "Get out of our country!" in addition to other profanities.

"You!" the woman yells. "Get out of the United States, you ugly [expletive]."

Speaking to ABC 13, Sammi said business is down 80 percent, making the insults extra hurtful.

"It's already a tough time for us small business owners," she said. "We're suffering. I think they need to be more educated. There's all kinds of people. You can't be doing that, if you have any common sense, you can't treat people that way. It's just mean."

Watch ABC13's report below: