'We don't feel safe': Georgia restaurants defy Gov. Brian Kemp's 'insane' reopening plan
Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (Facebook)

Some restaurants in Georgia are refusing to open their doors to customers even though Gov. Brian Kemp (R) is lifting his stay-at-home order earlier than most states.

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution spoke to a number of restaurant officials after Kemp said that they could resume dine-in service for customers on Monday.

“It’s insane," Buttermilk Kitchen owner Suzanne Vizethann told the paper. "It’s almost just as stressful as when we got the news of the (dine-in) closure."

“We feel like we just got in a good rhythm. We’ve got a system. We turned the living room and dining room into a fulfillment center," she added. “We simply do not feel safe, nor are we ready to open back up in days of getting the news."

Restaurant operator Hugh Acheson insisted that he would not open until "I weigh science and risk and have the confidence that I can do this correctly and safely for my employees and the people I serve."

Brian Maloof of Manuel’s Tavern said that opening his restaurant is "simply not happening."

"Being closed has not been fun but it’s been the safest, best thing we could do for our staff and customers," Maloof wrote on Facebook.

Others pointed out that additional guidance was needed from the governor.

“Until we have that, we don’t know,” Gianni Betti of Cibo e Beve explained to the paper. “We need to know if a server has to wear gloves, masks. We need more information.”

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