Yes, the Flowbee! The 1980s hair cutter that uses a vacuum cleaner is back during coronavirus shutdowns
Dana Carvey in 'Wayne's World'

SEATTLE — Trying to figure out how you’ll be getting your hair done, what with the coronavirus edicts shutting down barber shops and salons?Well.Join Jacque Coe, of Ballard, Wash., a long-time local public-relations specialist. She continues to work from home and does a lot of teleconferencing.“You want your appearance to be professional,” she says.Coe says she would visit her hair salon in Ballard every six or weeks or so, for a trim or full haircut.Luckily for Coe, she remembered the Flowbee revolutionary vacuum-cleaner hair-cutting system.If you’re old enough, you remember those late 1980s ...

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