‘All Latinos are going to vote for you’: Official presidential Trump visit turns into 2020 campaign rally
Donald Trump eating a Taco Bowl from Trump Tower on May 5, 2016 (Twitter)

President Donald Trump was supposed to attend a tour of a Honeywell factory on Tuesday that has begun making masks amid the COVID-19 crisis. But the event quickly turned into a Trump rally.

Owners of a Mexican grill in Arizona that have appeared on Fox News took to the stage to announce that all the Latinos are voting for Trump and Latinos love Trump."

Trump then said the supporters at Sammy's Mexican Grill fed 150 health care workers at an assisted living facility and that Sammy's should send him the bill and he'll pay for it himself. Trump generally makes promises that he will pay for things, but frequently backs down after the fact.

The event then ended with Trump's Rolling Stones song he plays at the end of a rally.

His campaign is already promoting it: