Americans are 'astonishingly united' against Trump on reopening the economy: report
President Donald Trump (screen grab)

As President Trump's push to reopen the economy sooner rather than later grows in intensity, the American people are remarkably united in disagreeing with him, according to The Atlantic's David A. Graham who cited polls showing Americans "overwhelmingly back restrictions and do not support reopening most businesses."

"The consensus is especially notable in an era when nearly every poll question seems to serve as a referendum on Donald Trump, with his supporters lining up against his opponents," Graham writes. "Here, despite Trump’s pleas for reopening, Americans are remaining united—and not heeding him. What if government reopened the country, and no one came?"

While Trump has characterized American citizens as "warriors" in the midst of the pandemic, Graham contends that people don't like to think of themselves in that way.

"A poll from The Washington Post and the University of Maryland released yesterday finds that eight in 10 Americans oppose reopening movie theaters and gyms; three-quarters don’t support letting sit-down restaurants and nail salons reopen; and a third or less would allow barber shops, gun stores, and retail stores to operate," he writes. "An NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll last week found similar numbers: Nine in 10 Americans don’t think sporting events should have crowds without more testing; 85 percent would keep schools closed, and 80 percent would keep dine-in restaurants shut. There is no significant difference in views between residents of states that have begun loosening restrictions and those that have not."

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