'Captain Crazy Pants' starts new conspiracy theory against the NYT in late-night Twitter 'meltdown'
Composite image of The New York Times’ logo and official White House photo of Donald Trump.

The leader of the free world started a new conspiracy on Tuesday evening.

At 10:31 in Washington, DC, Trump offered a new conspiracy theory about The New York Times' coverage of his administration, for which the newspaper has won a Pulitzer Prize.

"The Failing [New York Times], winner of [Pulitzer Prizes] for its totally flawed coverage of the illegal Russia Witch Hunt, does its research as follows: Think of the absolute worst things you can say about Donald J. Trump, pretend there are sources, and just say it," Trump argued, without any evidence.

He urged the newspaper to "return the Pulitzers" -- in all capital letters.

Trump received harsh criticism for his tweet, here's some of the commentary: