Colorado GOP lawmaker rages against pandemic bill: 'I go to Walmart and I don't wipe down that cart'
Vicki Marble speaks on the Colorado Senate floor (screen grab)

Colorado state Sen. Vicki Marble (R) on Wednesday lashed out against a pandemic safety bill that would allow legislators to participate remotely.

In a speech on the Colorado Senate floor, Marble explained that she is opposing the measure even though health conditions prevent her from wearing a mask.

"To be an elected representative of the people means making sacrifices, huge sacrifices," Marble opined. "I feel that over the last 10 weeks our representative government has been shoved to the wayside and it's more of a dictatorship -- but it's for the safety of the people so we let it go."

"What's really funny is all the precautions we see around here," she said, referring to the state capitol. "Greater than anywhere else in the state! Greater than Walmart, believe it or not."

According to Marble, "All these precautions, all the masks, all the spacing at the desks, all of these plexiglass partitions for perception so we can all feel safe. But we all really know it really doesn't help."

"Who are you kidding? Honestly, who are you kidding?" she asked before explaining how she shops at Walmart.

"I feel safer here than I feel anywhere," Marble said. "And you know what? I go to Walmart. And you know what? I don't wipe down that cart every time I take it out. I put my hands on, shove it through and I'm going shoulder with people in the aisles even though Walmart has taken precautions to say you go this way down that aisle and that way down that aisle."

"People just aren't ready to accept that," she added.

Watch the video below from the Colorado Senate.