Conservative blasts GOP's Ron Johnson: He's doing 'what the president of Ukraine would not do' for Trump
Ron Johnson speaks to CNN (screen grab)

On MSNBC Wednesday, conservative commentator Charlie Sykes slammed Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) for failing to do anything to investigate the scandals surrounding Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who urged President Donald Trump to fire an inspector general who was investigating him.

His dereliction of duty, Sykes suggested, was a gift for Trump on par with the political demands he made of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that led to his impeachment.

"Right now, for an administration that ran as a populist, anti-elitist, anti-special interest, you know, movement, look at what we're finding out about Secretary of State Pompeo," said Sykes. "By the way, when he says that he does not know about the investigations, he's obviously lying. I don't think we need mince words about that."

"It's really troubling and deeply embarrassing, I think, for my — my senior senator, I'm from Wisconsin, Ron Johnson, at this particular moment, with all the things that he could be investigating, to basically be doing for Donald Trump what the president of Ukraine would not do for him," continued Sykes.

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