Costco shopper gets owned after rant about their mandatory mask rule on Facebook
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Costco shopper Sharon, was irate about the mandatory mask rule and took to the company's Facebook page to rant.

"I will not shop at Costco until you remove your mandatory mask rule!" Sharon said, according to screen captures of the conversation that has popped up on Twitter and the sub-Reddit "Murdered by Words."

"Thank you for taking such a brave stand, Sharon," a troll account "Costco Wholesale" Facebook page responded. "We look forward to the documentary they will make about you someday."

A fellow Costco shopper replied to the post saying it wasn't "professional," to which Costco said it would not refund his membership.

Their true Costco Facebook page has exploded with comments from people saying "thank you" for putting the safety of customers first.

"Thank you for requiring masks! I can't wait to renew my membership for another year and continue to support you because you treat your employees well, you treat your customers well and now you have shown to make sensible, responsible and needed decisions in light of the coronavirus pandemic," posted Ines.

"Whoever is running Costco 's social media needs a damn pay raise because holy moly those replies to Karen (Sharon) were #savageAF," posted a man named Travis.

"I’ve never had a Costco membership. About to sign up!" posted Jenny.

But Sharon had some allies. A man named Kaka posted he believed "Costco is pathetic."

Sharon seems to have deleted her post entirely, presumably because of the backlash.

The Center for Disease Control has suggested people wear masks in public to protect themselves and others from catching or spreading the coronavirus.