Don Lemon mocks Trump’s Obama attacks: You had ‘3 years to fill the car with gas -- you can't complain the tank is empty'
CNN anchor Don Lemon (screengrab)

On CNN Wednesday, anchor Don Lemon laid into President Donald Trump for trying to blame President Barack Obama for medical supply shortages at a White House event praising nurses.

"We had nothing, because it wasn't put there by the last administration," said Trump in the clip.

"And there it is, the last administration. The president's favorite refrain. Blame Obama," said Lemon. "When in doubt, blame Obama. Barack Obama is not the president. Hasn't been for more than three years. So, bought a car and you didn't fill it up for three years and then you say, we ran out of gas! Why didn't the last guy fill it up? Does that make sense? No, it doesn't. Anyone with common sense knows that. But he keeps saying it."

"Donald Trump is the president," continued Lemon. "And if he had been paying any attention to preparedness, if he actually thought the government didn't have what it needed to fight a pandemic, he had more than three years to address that. More than three years to fill up the car with gas. Very simple. And the fact is, he didn't do it."

Watch below: