Elon Musk announces he will defy stay-at-home order — and dares California to arrest him
Elon Musk AFP

On Monday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced he would be reopening his Tesla plant "against Alameda County rules."

He added that he will join his employees on the production line and demanded that if the state of California makes arrests, it should only be of him.

Over the past few weeks, Musk has grown increasingly vocal against stay-at-home orders to protect the public from coronavirus. He repeatedly demanded that the orders be lifted on social media, filed a lawsuit against Alameda County, and threatened to move his plant out of California.

In anticipation of reopening, Tesla leadership has sent COVID-19 guidelines out to workers — but according to CNBC's Lora Kolodny, many of the employees will be required to bring their own personal protective equipment, and there is no guarantee any infected employee will receive sick leave pay.