Eric Trump claims they charge 'like 50 bucks' for their hotel rooms -- no room matches that description: report
Eric Trump appears on Fox Business (screen grab)

As part of David Fahrenthold's ongoing investigation into the Trump Organization profiting off of federal employees, the Washington Post reporter was told by Eric Trump that it charges taxpayers "like 50 bucks" for the hotel rooms.

Fahrenthold revealed that he and researchers looked into 1,600 room rentals at properties owned by President Donald Trump and the Trump Organization. None of them cost just $50.

What he did find, however, is that Trump’s company scored at least $970,000 from U.S. taxpayers for room rentals.

"Since March, The Post has catalogued an additional $340,000 in such payments," the report stated. "They were almost all related to trips taken by Trump, his family and his top officials. The government is not known to have paid for the rooms for Trump and his family members at his properties but it has paid for staffers and Secret Service agents to accompany the president."

"Instead, the lowest room rate was $141.66 per night, for each of the rooms in a four-room cottage in Bedminster. The highest rate was $650 per night for rooms at Mar-a-Lago," the analysis said.

Trump scoring profits off of the federal government along with international governments and leaders is one of the main reasons the House and government watchdog groups have sued for further information about the president's finances. The Emoluments Clause in the U.S. Constitution was set to protect the United States from "corrupting foreign influences" trying to buy favor with the president.

You can read the full report from Fahrenthold at the Washington Post.