Even Bill Barr is warning Trump of 'major political implications' if he pushes for total Obamacare repeal: CNN
(Photo by: Shane T. McCoy / US Marshals)

While the Trump administration is still going full speed ahead in its push to get the Supreme Court to completely overturn the Affordable Care Act, Attorney General Bill Barr has reportedly emerged as an unlikely voice of caution.

CNN reports that Barr is warning other administration officials of "major political implications if the comprehensive health care law appears in jeopardy as voters head to the polls in November."

Instead, Barr wants the White House to only back overturning aspects of the law while still preserving the very popular protections for people with preexisting conditions who in the past have been denied health coverage.

Barr reportedly argued that the political consequences for the GOP could be particularly dire if it supports ripping away millions of Americans' health insurance during a deadly pandemic.

"Barr and others have recently brought an additional dimension to their efforts, highlighting the coronavirus pandemic that has swept the nation," CNN reports. "If the justices were to accept the Trump administration position, its decision could cause substantial disruptions to the health care of millions of Americans."