Fox News host: Trump's order against social media is based on 'an outright lie'
Neil Cavuto gives Trump a lecture/Screenshot

On Fox News Thursday, host Neil Cavuto laid into President Donald Trump for his executive order punishing social media companies for perceived "bias" against him.

"The president is saying that some of their liability protections should be waived when they do things that are not fair, in this case, to some things that he has said on Twitter," said Cavuto. "What was shocking in those comments, he was open to shutting down Twitter — whatever your opinions, on the left or right, a huge social networking site, the largest on the planet — and that since it was fact-checking him, that's good enough to crack down and maybe look at shutting down Twitter."

Trump was only being fact-checked, Cavuto noted, "because he was wrong. He was being policed on that because he said that millions of 'illegals' were getting ballots, when that simply was not the case. So this isn't a left/right issue, that was not the case. That was a wrong fact ... some have said it was an outright lie."

"You can check the fact checkers. They should be scrutinized," said Cavuto. "But when you're questioned on that, and they don't pull your tweets down, that's another matter."

Watch below: