Fox News pundit Mike Huckabee attacks Dr. Fauci: 'He's a little picture guy'
Mike Huckabee appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) on Wednesday took a shot at the federal government's top infectious disease expert.

During an appearance on Fox News, Huckabee agreed with Sen. Rand Paul's (R-KY) suggestion that Dr. Anthony Fauci has been given an oversized role in the U.S. government's pandemic response.

"What Rand Paul said was so true," Huckabee told Fox News host Harris Faulkner. "We should respect Dr. Fauci. We should admire him and appreciate his service. Nothing taken away from that but nobody elected him and his job is that of a public health person."

"He's not a big picture guy, he's a little picture guy," the Fox News pundit continued. "And by that I mean he's focused on one and only one thing. He's focused on the public health possibilities."

Huckabee added: "One thing about Rand Paul I hope people remember. You know, he's not just a senator, he's a medical doctor! He, himself, is a scientist!"

Watch the video below.