GOP lawmaker's own brother calls him out for honoring nurses while trying to end coronavirus safety measures

Sen. Scott Martin (R-PA) got some pushback from his own brother, who also happens to be a nurse, who accused him of “politically motivated theatrics" after a post he made to his Facebook page to honor his two siblings who are healthcare workers.

But when Lancaster Online reached out to the lawmaker's siblings, his younger brother, Ryan Martin, chastised him for pushing to reopen Pennsylvania's economy before the state is ready.

“You're a Pennsylvania State Senator, passionately pushing for legislation that removes community safety measures before we are adequately prepared,” commented Ryan Martin, 38, of Manheim Township, in a post Wednesday on the senator’s page.

Scott Martin says his brother's accusation's are unfounded.

“In addition, out of respect for my parents, I prefer not to ‘engage in politics’ with my family,” he wrote. “I will, as I have done throughout this pandemic, continue to work closely with our hospitals and health care workers to hear their concerns and address their issues.”

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