'He is vain, insensitive and raw': Trump thanks actor James Woods for 'great compliment'
Conservative actor James Woods (Screenshot)

In a strange Sunday tweet, President Donald Trump thanks conservative actor James Woods for a "great compliment" that wasn't exactly that great.

"Let’s face it. Donald Trump is a rough individual. He is vain, insensitive and raw," said Woods. What he did compliment Trump on was loving America. While nearly 90,000 Americans have died in the coronavirus crisis and there are tens of thousands more expected, it's rare for any politician to attack another by saying they hate America.

Woods claims he never has seen a president in his life that loves America more than Trump. Woods, who was born in 1947, lived while Harry Truman was president. His childhood continued as Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, who served in World War I and World War II then was elected to the White House. While Woods may not support a Democrat, it's surprising to hear that someone like Eisenhower didn't love America. The same could be said for George W. Bush, who may have led Americans into a war based on a fraud, but no one would doubt his love America while hugging those who lost their family members in the Sept. 11 attacks.

Trump retweeted Woods' strange compliment, saying it was "great."

Woods' comment is reminiscent of a debate between Democratic and Republican presidential candidates in the film "The American President." At one point the president's new girlfriend asks, "How do you have patience for people who claim they love America, but clearly can't stand Americans?"

Woods' most famous political film was the action-adventure movie "White House Down."