'He said the quiet part out loud': CNN analyst tears into Trump for acknowledging he'll let Americans die
President Donald Trump speaking about coronavirus in the Rose Garden (screengrab)

On Tuesday's edition of CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360," correspondent Dana Bash slammed President Donald Trump for his remarks that some people would be "badly" affected by the push he has championed to reopen states from coronavirus lockdowns.

"When the president was taking questions from reporters in Arizona, he said the quiet part out loud," said Bash. "He wants this part of his history behind him. He wants to move on. He is, again, trying to talk all of the current situation and the crises that the governors and the local officials are still facing away, saying we did a really good job. We got the ventilators out. Everybody's got testing, which obviously we know is not accurate, but he's trying to make it so with his words."

"The challenge that he has and the real, real political risk — never mind the health and wellness of americans — is if that doesn't happen, then it's closer to the election," said Bash. "Then people get even sicker ... and then it really backfires. And that's the kind of the balance he, and more importantly his aides, are trying to find here. But it's very clear that this push is coming from the president, and that's what I mean by him saying the quiet part out loud. It started to bubble up through reporting today and it was the president himself who was obviously driving that train."

Watch below: