Healthcare workers demand cop be fired for beating black teen: This officer has 'made us all less safe'

Hundreds of healthcare workers are behind a letter that was hand-delivered to Police Chief Kate Adams of Rancho Cordova, California, calling for the firing of an officer who can be seen beating a black teenager in a video that recently went viral.

A family member of the 14-year-old boy reportedly read the letter aloud before handing it to Adams as doctors and nurses stood present. The letter states that Officer Brian Fowell should be charged with assault and child endangerment.

"As healthcare and public health professionals, we express solidarity with the intimidated and injured communities of the region," the letter read. "This episode of police violence now stands indelibly as an experience of trauma for Jah and for his entire family and community. The actions of the officer have not made us more safe; they have made us all less safe."

The letter was signed by more that 350 doctors, nurses, public health and mental health professionals.

The video shows Fowell pinning the boy on the ground, twisting his arms behind his back, and punching him repeatedly while grabbing onto his neck. The incident took place on April 27.

According to a statement from the police department, Fowell "saw what he believed to be a hand-to-hand exchange between an adult and juvenile. As the deputy turned around, he lost sight of the adult, who left the area. When the deputy approached the juvenile, the juvenile was uncooperative and refused to give the deputy basic identifying information. He told the deputy he was 18 years old."