Here are four jaw-dropping details from The Washington Post deep-dive on Trump’s coronavirus failures
President Donald Trump giving a coronavirus briefing (screengrab)

President Donald Trump's response to the COVID-19 was the focus of a Washington Post deep-dive that was published online on Saturday.

"This story documenting Trump’s month-long struggle to reopen America is based on interviews with 82 administration officials, outside advisers and experts with detailed knowledge of the White House’s handling of the pandemic. Many of them spoke on the condition of anonymity to recount internal discussions or share candid assessments without risk of retribution," the newspaper explained.

Here are four of the most shocking details from the story:

Trump gave out California governor's personal cell phone at Mar-a-Lago

White House thinks doctors have a 'God complex' for focusing on science

Jared Kushner think history will vindicate the administration

VP Mike Pence's chief of staff never thought the death toll would get to 60,000 (it has already)