‘He’s just an idiot’: Watch MSNBC guest’s angry rant about ‘moron’ Donald Trump
President Donald Trump hugged the US flag as he arrived to speak at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland. (AFP / NICHOLAS KAMM)

President Donald Trump's intelligence was questioned by MSNBC's national affairs analyst on Friday.

Anchor Nicolle Wallace interviewed John Heilemann during "Deadline: White House."

"Can I just say at the start that the man is idiot," Heilemann said, referring to the commander-in-chief.

"He's just an idiot. He's just a moron," he said.

"The idea of the president of the United States stands up and says, 'the problem with testing is that if we test we have more cases.' That's what he said. "'If we test we have more cases.' You know what? The testing doesn't make the cases, the testing reveals the cases," he explained.

"I get a mammogram every year, but if I had a bad mammogram, I wouldn't blame the mammogram," Wallace noted.

Heilemann concluded by saying that, "a president who's focused on feeding the base in the spring of a re-election year is a president who knows he's in deep, deep doo-doo."