‘It causes drugs – it causes suicide’: Trump defends his push to end coronavirus restrictions as reporters grill him

During a press conference at the White House this Friday, President Trump continued his rationale for reopening the country early after a reporter asked him how public confidence will match up to reopening since a vaccine isn't available yet. Trump then repeated his downplaying of the coronavirus threat.

According to Trump, what he says is the virus' limited threat is why he thinks schools "should be back in the fall."

"I think that lots of things should happen," Trump said. "I don't think that you should have 70-year-old teachers back yet, they should wait until everything is gone ... but we want to see our schools back, we want to see our country start to work again."

Trump claimed that he's worried about "everything" when it comes to the virus' threat but he's "also concerned" about our country.

"Our country has to get back," he said, adding that the lockdowns "causes death also."

"It causes massive depression, it causes drugs, it causes suicide," Trump said.