'It's all working out': Trump blows off question during Fox News town hall to claim everything is fine
(Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump tried to calm American's fears of the coronavirus crisis facing off against actual people with questions and fears about life in COVID-America.

Trump was asked by a Florida restaurant owner about meatpacking plants driving up costs at a time when restaurants are desperate for customers. Trump blew off the question and rambled on about how he stepped in and demanded that plants stay open regardless of the safety concerns.

Fox News host Martha MacCallum came back to the question noting that the workers in the plants aren't given enough protection to workers to guarantee that people don't contract and then spread the virus.

“It just shouldn’t have happened. it just a horrible thing," Trump said. But “it’s all working out.

He went on to ramble about how great his response has been.

In an earlier question, Trump changed the goalposts of the fatalities he expects from the crisis, saying that it may as much as 100,000 people.

Watch the moment below: