James Carville explains why Trump's attacks on Biden's mental state won't work: He told people 'to drink Clorox!'
James Carville on MSNBC (screengrab)

In an interview over the weekend, President Donald Trump attacked former Vice President Joe Biden as being so mentally absent that he can't even think. It was an attack that Democratic strategist James Carville didn't think would work well up against who he called "The Clorox Kid."

"Anybody can make a gaffe, make a word come out the wrong way," said Carville. "Nobody ever stood in front of the whole United States and told them to drink Clorox, right? We have to quit chasing this stupidity around. He is getting beat, and he's getting beat bad. He's getting beat in the Fox poll, the Quinnipiac poll, the NBC poll."

He went on to quote Axios reporter Jonathan Swan, who said in an earlier segment that Trump's team is working to change the subject and that they think Americans can't sustain their level of fear of the coronavirus through November.

"They're not going to be successful," Carville said about the Trump team's efforts. "And we don't need to be helping him be successful. He doesn't know where he is right now. You can look, the American people are turning on him by the day. Joe Biden is fine. Joe Biden performed, I thought superbly in a lot of the debates. Yeah, he said some things sometimes that came out the wrong way. Go look at Trump's gaffes. Look at the things that he has said and the words he's mispronounced. I mean, they're just silly. We don't need to follow this kind of silliness that he puts out. And the idea he's going to go play golf, and that's going to turn this election around for him, that's his only hope, play golf? Man, can't lose doing that. At least you're not talking to the public."

Watch Carville below: