Joe Biden takes on Trump's rhetoric during racial justice crises: 'The words of a president matter'
Former Vice President Joe Biden (screengrab)

Former Vice President Joe Biden talked about the importance of a president's words and accountability during times of crisis during a Friday appearance on MSNBC.

Biden was interviewed by Craig Melvin, who noted the protests tearing apart cities and asked where he would start if elected president.

"I start by talking about what we must be, making no excuses, talking about our obligation to be decent," Biden answered. "Our obligation to take responsibility, our obligation to stand up when we see injustice."

"Look, the words of a president matter -- no matter how good or bad that president is," he explained. "A president can, by their words alone no matter who they are, make it rise or fall, take us to war, bring us to peace. The words of a president matter."

"The vast majority of police aren't cruel but my Lord, when you see a bad cop, they should be prosecuted. They should be taken out in terms of off the force. They should be punished for what they do," Biden said. "People have to be held accountable for what they do."