John Oliver rips Fox News' Tucker Carlson for urging 'order' from people of color -- but never demanding it of police
John Oliver Tucker Carlson (Photo: Screen capture)

John Oliver opened his Sunday show, shredding Fox News host Tucker Carlson for urging "order" among protesters, but refusing to urge "order" to police and "wannabe police" who can't stop killing people.

It's a lot, Oliver explained. "How these protests are a response to a legacy of police misconduct, both in Minneapolis and the nation at large and how that misconduct is, itself, built on a legacy of white supremacy that prioritizes the comfort of white Americans over the safety of people of color."

While some of it is complicated, Oliver conceded, most of it is "all too clear."

"Or, you could just go on TV, open up your mouth, and let this sh*t fall out," he continued, before playing a clip of Carlson.

"OK, first, f&ck you, Tucker," Oliver said in response to his attacks. "That's just a general point. Second, saying 'officious bird watcher' is deeply offensive. Because you're either trying to 'both sides' that Central Park incident or you're insulting fans of this show who proudly call themselves 'officious bird watchers.' I am the officious bird. They are the watchers. Keep their name out of your mouth."

Carlson, and "people like him" like to promote "order" at moments like this, said the host, but in this case, the "order" is really just about protecting him. Carlson hardly advocates "order" from those going after people of color.

"It's hard to overstate how clearly we've been reminded lately of the hostility of our existing 'order' toward Black people, who have been killed by police in the streets, killed by police in their own home, killed by 'wannabe' police in the streets and threatened with state violence while literally birding," said Oliver. "And collectively, that's got to be some sort of brutality BINGO right there."

He went on to say that any time "order" means someone being facedown on a lawn while your grandma stands between you and the police with guns drawn after you roll a stop sign, "I can see by being lectured about the importance of 'order' at the expense of all else is just not what you f*cking want to hear right now!"

See the takedown video below: