Millionaire entrepreneur attacks 'gangsta' George Floyd protesters and adds photo of his Black friend to call out 'virtue signaling'

In response to the George Floyd protests, millionaire T-shirt entrepreneur and motivational speaker Sean Whalen posted an image of himself on Facebook with "one of my black buddies" — before immediately scolding Black protesters.

"Hey black America, you know that literally EVERY WHITE PERSON THINKS THAT COP SHOULD HANG RIGHT? You know we think he’s a piece of sh*t just like you right?" he said. "Y’all think burning down a city or punching white soccer mommies in a mini van is gangsta and justice? 'We are angry and trying to get your attention!' Yea, how’d that work the last 20 years since Rodney King?"

He also added that white people should stop trying to pretend they feel the pain of the Black protesters. "I have no idea what it’s like to be black just like my boy Coffey doesn’t know what it’s like to be white."

"THERE IS NO WAY TO ERADICATE EVIL FROM THIS EARTH. It’s in the DNA of men," he continued. "You and I can not stop evil. We can not stop bigotry. We can not stop hatred or racism. What we CAN do is stop f**king lying like there is some solution to this. THERE ISNT ONE. If there was after Rodney King we’d have put it in place. There is no way to eradicate evil from the world other than YOU not being it. So quit virtue signaling. Quit f**king hash tagging everything. Quit saying it’s 'time for a change' cause that’s been said that since I was a little kid. AND HERE WE ARE."

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