New COVID-19 case inside the White House proves absurdity of Trump's push to reopen economy: CNN
Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

On CNN Thursday, medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen laid out the implications of the White House valet testing positive for COVID-19.

"This gentleman who has tested positive, how long was he in the White House when he might have been infectious, it sounds like we may never know, but eventually this becomes a game of numbers," said Cohen. "People who work in the White House, they go home every day, this virus is circulating and even if you test them every day, which is certainly more of a sure thing than every week, you can still miss people. There's been complaints many of these tests have more false-negatives than many other tests do, so you are going to miss people."

"It becomes then a huge question mark why they're not wearing masks in the White House, and why President Trump continues to say, let's open the company, where here he has an example in his very own office of someone who came in and had COVID and people didn't know."

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