Newsmax reporter calls for FDA to make Hydroxychloroquine ‘over the counter’ because Trump takes it
President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

This Monday, President Trump revealed that he's been taking the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine for over a week as a means to prevent infection from coronavirus, even though the drug hasn't yet been proved to be a safe treatment.

“I happen to be taking it,” Trump said during a roundtable event. “A lot of good things have come out. You’d be surprised at how many people are taking it, especially the front-line workers. Before you catch it. The front-line workers, many, many are taking it.”

Upon hearing Trump's words, Newsmax White House correspondent Emerald Robinson took to Twitter and suggested that the FDA make it available over the counter.

"Like I told you awhile ago, President Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine as prevention against the virus," she wrote. "He should order the FDA to make it available "over the counter" to all Americans."

Numerous clinical trials are investigating if the drug is effective in fighting the coronavirus, but has not yet found evidence that it's safe.