Nicolle Wallace: DOJ dropping Flynn case 'may not go down the way Donald Trump and Bill Barr want it to'
Brian Williams and Nicolle Wallace (Photo: Screen capture)

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace reported Thursday that three former Justice Department officials, all Republicans, doubted that Judge Emmet Sullivan would be quick to dismiss the case against former Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn even if the DOJ has decided not to prosecute.

They said "that this was a lie told to Vice President Mike Pence that they knew was a lie because Mike Flynn's conversations with Sergey Kislyak were on intercepts, the kinds of things the intelligence community listens to, not because they're listening for Mike Flynn, but because they're listening to people like Ambassador Kislyak. It was that lie to the vice president that got Mike Flynn on the radar of law enforcement. Mike Flynn lied to the FBI and affirmed that admission that he'd lied to the FBI as late as 2019, according to one former Justice Department official."

According to Wallace's sources, those facts may give Judge Sullivan some "pause."

"So, it may not go down the way Attorney General Barr and Donald Trump want it to," Wallace said.

In an earlier conversation, former federal prosecutor Chuck Rosenberg explained that very few federal judges are "pushovers," recalled MSNBC's Brian Williams. Judge Sullivan was appointed by former President George W. Bush.

Williams also noted that looking at social media he discovered that there were Russian flags and Russian memes being posted congratulating Flynn.

"Putin, if you're listening, high-five your asset," Williams quoted the first thing he saw on Twitter about the Flynn news.

Trump asked former FBI Director James Comey to "let Flynn go," began part of a long investigation into the president's attempt to cover up the administration's link to Russia. Wallace said that it's clear Trump finally found someone who would see to it that Flynn was "let go" in Bill Barr.

The New York Times reported that Trump was prepping pardons for Flynn and friend Roger Stone as late as last week.

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