Pompeo tells megachurch pastor he likes to ‘synthesize’ reading the Bible with his daily intelligence reports
Mike Pompeo Freedomworks New Fair Deal Rally in Upper Senate Park outside the US Capitol, Washington DC on April 15 2013. (Mark Taylor/Flickr)

In an interview with megachurch pastor Pastor Greg Laurie, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that he reads two things during his mornings: the day's intelligence report and the Bible.

“I manage to synthesize them … knowing that the Lord gives me the capacity to work, to be diligent,” Pompeo said. “I hope He’ll give me the wisdom and the perseverance to meet these challenges head-on in a way that protects the American people.”

Pompeo says that reading the Bible is a daily ritual for him, which helps to remind him that "the Lord is looking out over this world … The Lord is watching us," adding that whenever he takes part in a briefing, he's confident that God is watching over everyone on the room.

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