Rabbis find a loophole to outsmart Missouri's GOP governor on vote-by-mail
State of Missouri picture of Gov. Mike Parson.

The state of Missouri does not recognize no-excuse absentee voting, which allows any voter to vote by mail.

Gov. Mike Parson (R-MO) has argued that fear of COVID-19 is not a valid reason to request an absentee ballot in Missouri.

But, there is a religious exemption in the law. Rabbis in Missouri have come together to declare "that it is a deeply-held religious belief to remain home on days in which elections are held and that such a belief qualifies one under the Missouri law to vote in any regional, state, or federal elections via absentee ballot."

The clergy explained they came to that conclusion because "our Jewish tradition values human life above virtually all else."

"As the pandemic continues, our Jewish teachings, laws, and traditions require us to stay home except in situations where leaving the home is essential to preserving life. Wherever else possible, one must do everything in one's power to do whatever else is needed from the safety and security of one's own home, they explained.

The joint-statement was signed by over 30 rabbis.