Rachel Maddow investigation nails down the date ‘something broke’ at the CDC
MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow (screengrab)

On MSNBC Friday, Rachel Maddow identified a two-day period during which the Centers for Disease Control guidelines were changed subtly — in a way that eroded their health recommendations to make the guidelines easier on businesses.

"On April 20, [the CDC said] 'Emphasize that face coverings must cover the nose and mouth at all times and should remain in place until taken off safely,'" said Maddow. "Two days later, here's what they told the Smithfield plant in Sioux Falls. 'Face coverings are generally recommended.' So you go from must cover the nose and mouth at all times to generally recommended."

"Here's the Colorado guidance from April 20," she continued. "'Provide all entrants to the plant with a face covering and show them how it needs to be worn.' Two days later, from the South Dakota report, quote, 'If feasible, all employees should wear the face covering.' If feasible. But if not, you're fine."

"The CDC in the April 20 Colorado report says 'Teach workers to ask for new face coverings when theirs becomes dirty, wet or difficult to breathe through,'" said Maddow. "Two days later, in the South Dakota report, it's not nearly so stern, quote, 'The facial covering should be discarded and replaced when dirty or wet, if possible.' Added possible."

"I'm telling you, something happened and the CDC is not behaving the way it always has been, and the way we really need them to be behaving right now," concluded Maddow. "We have narrowed it down now to a two-day window where something broke, and I'm telling you, we are going to figure this out."

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