Georgia Supreme Court justice embarrassed after ‘awful’ video emerges of his nephew threatening to kill Black people

In what many say is an example of a "climate of racism" across the city, police in Decatur, Georgia, are investigating a racist video that was posted online by a teenager, 11Alive reports.

In the video, the Decatur High School student waves a toy gun and seemingly threatens violence against African Americans as people off-camera can be heard laughing.

The video was reported to police Thursday morning by DaVena and Tony Jordan, who have two sons in Decatur schools. The couple wants to know why the teen hasn't been immediately expelled for making a terroristic threat.

The teen's mother is an administrator at Decatur High School and his uncle is Georgia Supreme Court justice David Nahmias. In a statement to 11Alive, Nahmias called his nephew's actions "out of character."

“I learned late last night about the disgusting video that my nephew made last year when he was 14 years old. Like the rest of my family, I was embarrassed and saddened by it," the statement read. "It is simply awful and inexcusable, and it does not reflect my family’s values or what we have tried to teach our children about the importance of treating all people with respect and dignity."

"I love my nephew, and this seems so out of character for him. I do not intend to comment further in a public way about this matter," he continued.

His mother says her son is not racist.

“He was not making a threat but was inexcusably trying to parody people who make such threats,” Cheryl Nahmias told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Watch 11Alive's report on the story below: