Soupergirl co-owner Sara Polon was asked to record a video question for President Trump to be presented to him for his recent Fox News town hall. But as The Washingtonian points out, Trump never got around to answering it.

Polon is terrified at the idea of reopening her restaurant and worried about keeping her employees safe as the coronavirus continues to spread in the U.S. In her question, she asked Trump what federal testing protocols would be in place to ensure that employees and patrons feel safe, especially if people are coming from different states with differing standards.

But Trump ignored her question and instead went into a rant about states reopening.

“Look, it depends on where you’re coming from," Trump said. "New York is a very much different place than Montana or many other states really where it’s not really too bad. It’s always bad, if they lose anybody it’s bad, and every state has lost significant numbers of people. Whether you’re talking about 20 people or 25 people, that’s a significant number of people. But it depends on where you come from. Certain states are going to take a little bit more time in getting open, and they’re doing that. Some states frankly aren’t going fast enough."


Speaking to The Washingtonian, Polon said Trump's answer didn't make her feel any better.

“I would have loved to hear that there is some sort of move toward federal guidelines around nationwide testing standards for both Covid-19 and antibodies,” she said. “This is DC. If the country starts opening and tourists start coming, I have no idea who’s coming into my shop.”

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