San Antonio theater owners lowered tickets to $5.41 — and thousands of Texans went to the movies: report
Photo: Shutterstock

Three movie theater locations in San Antonio, Texas operated by Santikos Entertainment reported nearly 3,000 moviegoers ventured out over the weekend to see films despite the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new report.

"The upscale Palladium Imax, which boasts 19 auditoriums, generated $7,019 in ticket sales, according to those with access to Comscore theater grosses. At $5.41 per ticket — a discounted price — that equates to more than 1,297 customers," the Hollywood Reporter revealed on Monday. "Tickets were also discounted to $5.41 at Santikos' nearby Cibolo and Casa Blanca locations, which generated $3,374 and $5,496 in sales, respectively, bringing the total attendance for the three cinemas to just under 3,000 people."

The Hollywood Reporter said studio executives were "heartened" by the turnout for movies that did not include new releases.

"It shows me there is a pent-up demand," one Hollywood distribution chief told the publication.