Shooting of Ahmaud Arbery 'fueled by the rise of Trumpism': ex-GOP House spokesperson
President Donald Trump speaks during campaign MAGA rally at Southern New Hampshire University Arena. (lev radin /

On MSNBC Saturday, former Breitbart staffer and GOP congressional spokesman Kurt Bardella warned that President Donald Trump's rhetoric is empowering racist killings like the tragedy that occurred in Georgia.

"Particularly since, you know, when I left working with Breitbart, Bannon, made that transition of becoming a Democrat, how often I get directed at me from angry white men, sending me threats, racist language, and particular in the time of coronavirus, where Trump started using the 'Chinese virus' and even blamed rhetoric that he is embracing now, how that has turned and inspired his legion of white followers, when they're on the subways, when they're at the grocery stores, that things are directed at them."

"Again, it's like this odd pathology that white people feel like it's okay to say these things to other human beings," said Bardella. "It's okay to hop in the back up your pickup truck and hunt another human being down and execute him and film it for reasons that are beyond understanding. I think you and I both know if the situation were reversed, if a group of black people hopped in their SUVs and trucks and shot a white guy, I don't think there would be people recusing themselves from that case in Georgia. There wouldn't be a wait of two months before action. We've seen this double standard play out."

"All of this is fueled by the rise of Trumpism, fueled by the fact that the most powerful person in the world views minorities and people of color as second-class citizens," added Bardella. "Every policy he has supported and imposed on the American people is designed to elevate white people and keep people of color down, you know, somewhere else."

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