Shotgun-brandishing Montana man told immigrant coworker that 'we kill people like you': police

A Montana man who regularly brandished a shotgun in front of an immigrant coworker was arrested this week after police say he made a racist death threat.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports that 60-year-old Jim Daniels this week was charged with felony malicious intimidation after he told a coworker who immigrated from Brazil that "in Montana, we kill people like you."

"The victim, who is Brazilian, has worked at Rent For Less in Bozeman for two years and said the racial threats by Daniels started as comments about the color of his skin," the Bozeman Daily Chronicle writes. "Those comments eventually escalated, and Daniels on several occasions brandished a shotgun and tried to provoke the victim into a fight, authorities said."

A witness who was in the car with Daniels at the time he made his alleged threat to the coworker confirmed to police that he heard Daniels say something along the lines of "kill him" during the confrontation.

In addition to receiving racist death threats, the immigrant coworker told police that Daniels would regularly show him his shotgun that he named "Betsy" and told him, "someday you’re going to meet Betsy."

In addition to all this, Daniels's employer even told police that he encouraged his immigrant employee to file charges against Daniels, whom he described as "a racist [expletive] who needs to be arrested."

Gallatin County Justice Court Judge Rick West, who is presiding over the case, has set Daniels's bail at $100,000.