Soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe reveals she may run for office -- and attacks Trump as a ‘white nationalist’
Soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe.

Soccer star Megan Rapinoe revealed in an interview that she's not ruling out an entry into politics with her own candidacy, TMZ Spoors reported.

Speaking to VICE TV's Anand Giridharadas, Rapinoe said: "I'm not totally shutting the door [to the presidency], but it seems wild."

"If I'm going to do it, I want the biggest, baddest post," she added.

When it came to her choices for the presidency, Rapinoe has said she absolutely supports former Vice President Joe Biden, even offering to be his vice president. She turns 35 on July 5, which would make it legal for her to serve as the VP.

But her focus of the VICE interview was on President Donald Trump's leadership.

"We have a white nationalist -- I think -- in the White House," Rapinoe said of the president. "And, the spewing of hate and the other'ing of the rest of the country has only led to more rife between people and more despair and more anxiety and more fear going forward."

See the interview below: