Soledad O'Brien scolds Tomi Lahren on Twitter after she calls people 'sheep' for Memorial Day
Soledad O'Brien and Tomi Lahren (screen grab)

Journalist Soledad O'Brien fired back at Fox News personality Tomi Lahren after she called Americans "sheep" for following pandemic safety rules on Memorial Day.

"I gotta hand it to COVID-19, you sure did expose the sheep among us," Lahren wrote in a tweet over the Memorial Day weekend.

O'Brien responded with a flurry of tweets making the point that nearly 100,000 Americans have died in the pandemic so far.

"I think she means to say—on a day when we honor those who gave their lives in service, we think of the 100,000 Americans, who have died in the midst of a pandemic," O'Brien wrote. "We think of the millions who have lost their livelihoods, and those who are fearful of what the future holds."

"We reflect with sympathy on those who have lost loved ones—unable to hold their hands or kiss the goodbye one final time," she continued. "We are sympathetic to those trying to juggle their kids’ remote-schooling and work zoom calls and cooking and cleaning and life."

Read all of O'Brien's response below.