'That doesn't make any sense!' CNN's Chris Cuomo slams Trump's incoherent excuse for not wearing a mask
CNN host Chris Cuomo (Photo: Screen capture)

On Monday's edition of CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time," Chris Cuomo laid into President Donald Trump for his excuse why he is still not wearing a mask — even as he requires it of the rest of the White House staff.

"Masks are now a must in the West Wing," said Cuomo. "You saw your boy, Jared Kushner, right there wearing one. Other staffers as well. But not the president. Why?"

"Well, if they're a certain distance from me or if they're a certain distance from each other they do," said Trump in the clip. "In the case of me, I'm not close to anybody so, obviously, in my case I'm very far away from everyone."

"The only thing he's not close to is the reality of this situation," said Cuomo. "That doesn't make any sense. No one gets near him? You mean like those elderly veterans he was breathing all over the other day? Like the staff and the Secret Service that are around him all the time? Look, right now we have to be walking the walk and taking desperate measures to get the real information that will give people confidence to re-open."

Watch below: