Trump admits he's taking hydroxychloroquine

President Donald Trump told the press Monday that he's been taking hydroxychloroquine because he believes it is a miracle drug.

After studies showed hydroxychloroquine gave little benefits to COVID-19 patients, scientists began looking elsewhere for drugs. Still, Trump maintains that he is all about hydroxychloroquine.

While scientists agreed that the drug reduces inflammation, pain and swelling, it isn't much of a help to stop the coronavirus. Doctors also said that people using the drug need to do so under very close monitoring because it can change the heart rate of the person taking it. The scientists said that they would prefer patients take it in a hospital setting so they could be on a heart monitor around the clock.

The FDA issued a warning on the drug, saying it causes “serious heart rhythm problems.”

Trump has said he is testing negative for COVID-19 so it's unclear why he's taking the drug.

Watch the moment below: