Trump doubles down dodging blame for virus: ‘Intelligence has just reported to me that I was correct’
Donald Trump (AFP : MANDEL NGAN)

President Donald Trump went off Sunday about accusations surrounding his China ban.

"Fake News got it wrong again, as always, and tens of thousands of lives were saved by my EARLY BAN of China into our Country. The people that we're (sic) allowed were heavily scrutinized and tested U.S. citizens, and as such, I welcome them with open arms!" tweeted Trump.

Trump's China ban still allowed over 40,000 people into the United States after it was enacted. Over 400,000 people entered the United States from China after January 1, 2020, after the World Health Organization issued a warning about a "mysterious pneumonia sickening dozens in China."

Jan. 6-8, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued several travel warnings for Americans wishing to go to China, telling them to take extra precautions. They also announced that the CDC was closely monitoring the virus, but they were unaware of any cases in the United States. The problem, however, is that there was no testing at the time.

Trump didn't issue his China ban until Jan. 31.

"Trump's order did not fully 'close' the U.S. off to China, as he asserts," the Associated Press reported. "It temporarily barred entry by foreign nationals who had traveled in China within the previous 14 days, with exceptions for the immediate family of U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Americans returning from China were allowed back after enhanced screening at select ports of entry and for 14 days afterward. But U.S. scientists say screenings can miss people who don't yet show symptoms of COVID-19; while symptoms often appear within five or six days of exposure, the incubation period is 14 days."

The criticism of Trump has been that after issuing the ban on Jan. 31, he took his foot off the gas and downplayed the danger of the virus throughout the month of February.