Trump-loving Arizona senator is doing 'terribly' -- and 'there’s no way to find a bright spot': pollster
Martha McSally -- screenshot

Sen. Martha McSally (R-AZ) is polling far behind Democratic challenger Mark Kelly, and one pollster says that the incumbent Republican's numbers are even worse than they first appear.

In a column for The Arizona Republic, Laurie Roberts cites a new poll from OH Predictive Insights that shows McSally losing to Kelly by a stunning 13 points in a state that has been home to past Republican presidential nominees Barry Goldwater and John McCain.

This represents a deterioration in support for McSally, who trailed Kelly by a comparatively modest nine points in last month's poll.

"McSally is doing terribly," pollster Mike Noble tells Roberts. "There’s no way to find a bright spot on that one."

Roberts dug further into the poll's internals and found some even more ominous news for McSally.

"The bad news comes from Maricopa County, where Republicans rule," Roberts writes. "Her Maricopa County numbers are a disaster. In May 2019, this same tracking poll showed Kelly up over McSally, 46%-41%, among likely voters in Maricopa County. In May 2020, Kelly has climbed to 54% in Maricopa County while McSally has dropped to 36%."

Or put another way, writes Roberts, "Kelly has gone from a five-point advantage in Maricopa County to an 18-point cruise."