Trump-loving Georgia governor issues dire COVID-19 warning less than two weeks after grand 'reopening'
Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp is campaigning for governor (Facebook)

Trump-loving Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp hyped up "reopening" his state less than two weeks ago, but this week he made a dire assessment of the northeastern part of his state that is getting hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Local radio station WABE reports that Kemp on Tuesday said that the medical system in the city of Gainesville was facing significant strain under the weight of an expanding outbreak that has hammered workers at local poultry processing plants.

"They’re being stressed pretty hard up there at the moment," Kemp said.

According to WABE, "per-capita infection rates in Gainesville’s Hall County and in nearby Habersham County are now in the top 10% of counties statewide," and Gainesville is "quickly becoming one of the state’s most affected areas."

Kemp late last month tried to curry favor with Trump by being the first governor in the country to lift COVID-19 pandemic restrictions in a bid to restart the state's economy.

Trump did not reward Kemp's loyalty, however, and publicly trashed the governor for opening up too soon during one of his COVID-19 press briefings.