Trump says it's a 'very positive day' as US coronavirus death toll surpasses 90,000
Donald Trump speaks from the White House's Cabinet Room (screen grab)

President Donald Trump on Monday called it a "very positive day" in the fight against the novel coronavirus as the United States passed the grim milestone of 90,000 deaths from the pandemic.

"You're very close to having a very positive situation," the president said during a meeting about health care for minority communities.

"When you lose one person to this, it's too many," he continued. "And we're talking about thousands and millions of people throughout the world on something that should have never happened."

"This is a very big day," Trump said after praising the stock market. "This feels much different than Friday. Friday is a different feeling than today. This is a very positive day."

On Tuesday, unofficial tallies put the U.S. coronavirus death toll above 90,000.

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